Introducing DungeonScape

The first fully integrated digital companion app of its kind, DungeonScape is exclusively designed for the fifth
edition of the D&D tabletop roleplaying game. Combining rules reference and tools into one place, you can
manage your game with ease at the table as a player or a DM.


Welcome To DungeonScape

DungeonScape is supported as a live product, starting with the initial launch
of the “Player Release.” This release includes:

Fast, guided character
A powerful,
customizable, and dynamic
character sheet
Simple rules
search, bookmarking, and
Online or offline play

As the app develops, it is aiming to provide a full-featured set of capabilities including:

Features for preparatory tasks

Generating characters, creating DM
notes and maps, etc

Features for gameplay

Character and adventure tracking, in-game
document sharing, etc

Features for customization

Support for custom content,
maps, and rules

Our Blog

If you’d like a deeper look into the how’s, why’s and what’s of DungeonScape and the team making it, be sure
to check out our blog. Learn the story behind DungeonScape and share your own with us.


Designed by players, for players

Trapdoor Technologies is a mobile publishing technology company focused on opening the minds of readers with innovative approaches to traditional print content. Whether unlocking learning with interactive textbooks or unlocking imagination with enhanced e-book novels, our products marry the best of the printed experience with the power of your mobile device.

We are also gamers with decades of experience playing Dungeons & Dragons. DungeonScape leverages the power of our technology platform with the obsession to make the companion application to D&D that we have dreamt about building for years. Creating characters, running immersive adventures and building fantastic worlds shouldn’t be limited by the constraints of a bound book.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost? What’s the pricing model?

As many of you know at this point, portions of the answer to this question are still being evaluated. It would be disingenuous of us to make any promises about that right now. However, we can promise that we won’t keep you in the dark any longer than we absolutely have to.

Will the same content in fifth edition books be available digitally? Rules, lore, artwork, etc?

Mostly. The reality is that digital content works very differently than print. We’ll be able to provide all written content easily, that’s not a concern. However, artwork is another matter. Our goal is to make the digital version as beautiful as we can while preserving functionality–and at the moment, we can’t promise that the artistry of the physical books will be represented digitally in the same way.

How exactly does offline play work?

DungeonScape is a cloud-based system, however, we’ve designed it to download most content directly to your device, so you can access it without needing to be hooked up to the internet. The app will automatically sync up with the server the next time you connect.

At the moment, we’re only slating offline play for tablets (iOS and Android). We’ll be looking at solutions for PC/Web based on demand and how it fits with our other priorities.

What kinds of custom content tools are you offering?

We are building the toolset to allow for customizing content both at the element level (traps, treasure, monsters, magic items, etc.) and the story level (encounters, adventures, and campaigns). We have a lot of ideas for where we’d eventually like to get with customization and player-driven/third party content, however, there are quite a few obstacles that must first be navigated. As we get past these, we’ll talk about them more. We want to deliver the best possible user experience so features will be rolled out after they are fully tested and ready to go, and as new content becomes available.

Is there any chance of applying your tools to other tabletop roleplaying games?

We are building this exclusively for fifth edition D&D.

Can I use the App from my smartphone web browser?

Yes, you could access the web version from your mobile device, however DungeonScape is not optimized for mobile browsers at this time. You may be able to open it and log into the system–realize it will not run well or look great!


One of our top priorities is to provide DungeonScape users with exemplary Customer
Support. We’re always available to answer questions, check on your account or help you
with any technical issues that might arise. 

We also love hearing your thoughts and feelings about DungeonScape so
be sure to reach out and let us know how we’re doing!


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